How to: Group Registration

1. Click here to login

2. Under Events on the next page click 2022 CONVERGE

3. On the next page, scroll down and under "Event Tasks" click Manage Group Registrations for <your company name>.

4. On the next page, under Group Registration Tasks click Add a Registration

5. Select the individual you are wanting to register from the drop down and click continue

6. Select registration fee for the individual

7. Answer questions and prompts on next two pages

8. You will then come to a page where the you will see PENDING REGISTRATIONS. On this page, to add another registration to the group, under Group Registration Tasks click Add a Registration.

9. Repeat steps 1-5

10. Once you are done adding everyone to the group registration, click the Complete Group Registration button

11. Enter payment info on next page and process order.

12. Each person in the group will receive a confirmation email with a receipt
Group registration will show up as one payment for the group vs. separate payments for each individual in the group

For questions, please contact us.