Interaction Analytics

Interaction Analytics: Leveraging an AI-powered omnichannel tool to analyze, measure, and uncover insights to improve the customer experience


Tuesday, September 20

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Interaction Analytics is an AI-powered omnichannel tool that identifies trends and root causes across 100% of customer interactions. Whether it’s a voice, text, or digital conversation, interaction analytics is designed to analyze, measure, and uncover insights to drive improvements to customer experiences (CX).  The goal is to provide the best experience for every customer by understanding who they are, what they need, and how to prepare your customer service agents to deliver an exceptional CX. In this session, you will learn how to quickly adapt business processes and effectively coach agents by following the data and making next-gen insights easy with analytics everywhere.  The presentation will include:

  • Interaction Analytics – What it is and how it works. 
  • Implementation challenges, initial results, insights, and lessons learned.
  • Leveraging findings to improve the quality of every customer experience value offered
  • Future plans and identifying new opportunities.


Mike-Davis-300x300.jpgMike Davis
President and chief operating officer
Dominion National
Mike Davis is a founder of Dominion National and is responsible for the company. Davis has nearly 30 years of experience in dental benefits and had served in various executive positions with MIDA Dental Plans, a successful DHMO in the mid-Atlantic region, before establishing Dominion. Davis has been instrumental in driving the innovation of Dominion’s systems, services, and plans since its inception in 1996. He has recently led the company’s pursuit of teledentistry to improve outcomes, member satisfaction, and experience. Under Davis’ leadership, Dominion has grown to serve over 900,000 members, offer access to over 350,000 national dentist listings, and employ a staff of over 200. Dominion’s expansion offering benefits to commercial groups, individuals, and health plans resulted in the company’s 2016 rebrand to Dominion National. Davis helped Dominion become one of the first dental benefits providers in its region to introduce interactive, online benefits administration and other groundbreaking models and technologies to improve the client experience. Over the past decade, Dominion also became known for its innovative online dental programs for individuals and associations. Davis participates on several boards, including Dominion National and a regional DSO. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Radford University.


Ambrielle-Palmore-300x300.jpgAmbrielle Palmore
Supervisor, Customer Service
Dominion National
Ambrielle Palmore supervises Dominion National’s Medicare customer service team, which serves over 250,000 Medicare members on behalf of Dominion’s health plan partners. She specializes in interaction analytics and helped lead the implementation of Dominion’s interaction analytics program designed to analyze, measure and uncover insights to drive customer experience improvements. Ambrielle serves on Dominion’s Customer Experience Management Committee to identify and execute solutions that improve member satisfaction and retention. Ambrielle has over a decade of call center management experience and holds a Pharmacy Tech certification.

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