Measuring the Cost

Measuring the Cost, Security, and Sustainability of Dental Electronic Claims Payments Systems

Tuesday, September 20

4:15 PM - 5:00 PM CT

Claims payment is the cornerstone of dental care delivery in the US. Payers and providers must coordinate to ensure proper, timely reimbursement to keep operations running smoothly for patients. However, this critical part of claims management is often the most contentious and poorly managed. There can be far-reaching impacts across the healthcare spectrum. Historically, manual claims payment has been a top source of provider friction for payers. Organizations have made great strides in automating the process using electronic modes of reimbursement, such as electronic funds transfer, virtual cards, and automated clearing houses. However, many haven’t. Opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of claims payment still exist, especially when it comes to paying smaller and lower-volume providers. In this session, you will hear Wendy Walker, vice president of Dental Solutions and Engagement at Zelis, detail how you can seize the opportunities to automate claims payment further and streamline the process while improving the overall experience for patients. 

By attending this session, you will walk away with a greater understanding of: 

  • The roadblocks that still exist to electronic payments adoption in the Dental industry
  • The risks and impacts of legacy systems on the claims payment process
  • What a holistic platform approach can contribute to automation and accuracy
  • How to further improve competitiveness with an electronic explanation of benefits, payments, and remittance advice.

Wendy_Walker_500w.jpgWendy Walker
Vice President of Dental Solutions and Engagement
Wendy Walker, vice president of dental solutions and engagement at Zelis, has worked in dental for over 35 years.  After working almost 29 years at Delta Dental of New Jersey and Connecticut in various roles, most notably director, Business Capabilities, Business Analysts/Testing, and general manager for Chewsi, she started at Zelis in October 2021.  Wendy’s focus is on building electronic adoption within the dental provider community and creating efficiencies within the dental office. She enjoys the beach, gardening, reading, and the latest Netflix series in her spare time.

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