Separating the Meat from the Sizzle of AI

Separating the Meat from the Sizzle of AI: A case study of practical considerations for integrating artificial intelligence technology into a utilization review workflow

Wednesday, September 21
2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

From better serving members and improving relationships with providers to discovering operational efficiency gains, there’s good reason for industry-wide excitement around the potential impact AI-powered dental image analysis can have on dental payer operations. However, AI-assisted utilization review is not a one-size-fits-all implementation; without careful considerations, it’s easy to get burned by the sizzle of artificial intelligence. To make sure the costs of integrating AI into UR processes are managed. Efficiency goals are met, the context of an organization’s current operations needs to be thought through and the right expectations should be set surrounding every step of implementing AI In this presentation, P&R Dental Strategies claim, and utilization review experts will walk through a real-world case study of an AI-assisted dental utilization review process. We’ll explore cost considerations, successes, learnings around efficiency gains, and other key takeaways. As the dental claim review experts, we aim to highlight factors that any dental payer should consider when considering implementing AI technology into their utilization review process. In addition, we plan to discuss what underlying data and supplemental analytics are required for payer teams to get the most efficiency gains out of AI technology. Plus, we’ll be exploring the latest progress on the artificial intelligence initiatives P&R is developing with their strategic partner, Denti.AI Technology Inc.



featured-circle-murbach2.pngMichael Urbach
President, P&R Dental Strategies

Mike is the president of new markets of P&R Dental Strategies and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of driving revenue growth for our dental analytics business solutions in new markets. Mike has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare informatics space and has developed and successfully sold a variety of informatics solutions to all stakeholders in the healthcare marketplace, including payers, providers, suppliers and consumers. Mike has worked at large and small informatics companies, including HCIA, Solucient, Pharmetrics and IMS Health. He has a BA from Syracuse University, an MBA, and an MHA from the University of Pittsburgh.


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